Family Ministry


  • Cathedral Kids

The Cathedral Kids programme is available each Sunday during term time at the 10 am Eucharist in the Cathedral. Children move to their programme after the opening greetings and return for Communion. The focus of activity is from the Bible readings set for the day. The Cathedral Kids programme takes place in the Sunday School/Meeting Room, through from the Parish Lounge at the eastern end of the Cathedral.

  • Choristers

The Cathedral Choristers are a choir of young girls and boys (ages 8 – 14 years) who want to learn to sing. No prior experience is necessary but newer Choristers are expected over time to join other members in the leading of worship at the Cathedral as well as featuring in concerts and other musical occasions. The Choristers follow a training programme based on the “Voices for Life” programme produced by the Royal School of Church Music, England. Each chorister is involved in a personal training programme involving voice production, theory of music, music reading skills, repertoire, and being a member of a church choir. Ribbons are awarded to recognise each stage of development.

  • Baptism

The Cathedral encourages all children and adults to be baptised and made members of the Body of Christ, the Church. The Cathedral clergy are happy to meet with families and candidates and to discuss the baptism service and commitment it implies. The “Understanding the Eucharist” is offered regularly to groups of younger members to help them grow in their knowledge of Christ and the Church.

Confirmation of commitments made at an earlier step is another stage in faith’s journey that is readily available.