Funding and donations

Cathedral Funding – Support Us


Cathedral parishioners commit to ongoing and regular  financial support of  the Cathedral's work.

We also welcome also support of the Cathedral through one-off donations. Donations can be mailed to the Cathedral Office. All donations qualify for a tax rebate.

More information is available in brochures are available from the Office.  



Remembering St John’s Cathedral in your Will

A Gift forever for the Work of the Church

The Cathedral benefits from the monetary gifts people give each year. Some people are unable to give as much as they would like to the work of the Church during their lifetime.
By giving a legacy, you can ensure your support for the ministry and the mission of the Church long after the end of your earthly life.
You may offer a fixed amount or a proportion of your estate.
You may stipulate that only the interest on your legacy is spent, or you may leave that up to the discretion of the Vestry.
Your gift can ensure the Cathedral’s ministry continues for the benefit of future generations.

Please contact the Parish Recorder, through the Cathedral Office, to discuss your wishes in confidence.